Proposition 04: Chillin’

Still only provisional results. The previous results were from the 2009 GSOD data to December 3rd. I’ve just downloaded the data up to December 10th and re-run the code:

rmw42@pandora:~/NOAA$ cat Averages.txt Average-2009.txt | sort | ./warm5-2009
3294 stations had 2009 as one of their 5 warmest years
2303 stations did not have 2009 as of their 5 warmest years
11767 stations rejected for having insufficient data

So,¬†adding a week¬†of cold December temperatures, the split has gone from 3665:1906 (66%:34%) to 3294:2303 (59%:41%). Still well in favour of 2009 being a very hot year, but another three weeks of cold might tip the balance…

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