Proposition 04: False

Well, the final GSOD readings for 2009 have now been released. Time to finish this off…

rmw42@pandora:~/NOAA$ ./average 2009
rmw42@pandora:~/NOAA$ cat Average-* | sort > Averages.txt
rmw42@pandora:~/NOAA$ cat Averages.txt | ./warm5-2009
1484 stations had 2009 as one of their 5 warmest years
4187 stations did not have 2009 as of their 5 warmest years
11746 stations rejected for having insufficient data

Only 26% of the weather stations have 2009 anywhere in their top 5 – I guess that’s a reason for the Met Office not to count their climate chickens too early, as December was brutally cold and pushed the year out of the record books.

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