This blog is devoted to grassroots experimental science in the field of climatology.

I believe that experiments must be repeatable to be called ‘science’. I believe that while it’s implausible for a layman to build a satellite or a supercollider, it’s quite reasonable to process experimental data and view the results oneself. I believe that simple experiments and models can provide a reasonable back-of-an-envelope approximation, and that significant results will be visible even if the accuracy is not sufficient to prove them. I believe that, if the global warming consensus is correct, this is exactly what kids will do in school science lessons to see the trends. I believe that this is the best way to convince kids – and adults – that something is real.

My background is in computer science and I hold both a bachelor’s and a research master’s degree in that field. I consider myself capable of analysing code and numerate methodologies, though I’m certainly no expert in statistics.

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