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Station locations

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Excellent news – the six-digit part of the station codes is geographic and the list is sorted. Africa is in the range 600000-689999, so I can just cut out the lines from the middle of the file – same for Europe, etc.

Ocean distance from station

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Only needs a small change to the map-drawing Java to take the NOAA list of stations and calculate their distances to the nearest ocean. There are 30800 of those so it’ll take a while, but I should then have a map of station ID to distance-to-ocean. Yay!

Proposition 01: Thermometer drift

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

E.M. “Chiefio” Smith raised an interesting point in an article here and, as it seems to be fairly straightforward, I’d like to follow it up.


It would be very interesting to do a map of “distance to ocean over time” for Africa (and for Europe, too…) since I suspect that is the key driver for thermometer changes in both those continents. Europe moving toward the water to gain warmth from the Gulf Stream and inland seas, while Africa moves away from the oceans to avoid moderating winds.


  • Use DTED level 0 terrain data, some of which I already have, to determine which parts of the world are land and which sea.
  • Obtain a list of weather stations on a continent, their lat/long coordinates, and years active.
  • Calculate the distance from each station to the ocean
  • Graph the mean, median and upper/lower quartiles for the stations over time

Sounds like fun!